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Albert Cuyp Market

Alex and I went our separate ways on Monday afternoon in Amsterdam. I went to explore the Albert Cuyp Market, and he went to explore the Dutch Metro. The market is known as the largest open air market in Europe, and takes place all along one street in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam.

The market has lots of flowers and food, including herring sandwiches and poffertjes. There was a claim of fresh stroopwafels, but I couldn’t find any.  Mostly I was pleasantly surprised, because these kinds of markets tend to be very tourist oriented (with knicknacks and t-shirts), but Albert Cuyp seemed to be patronized by a lot of locals. Of course, I went on a Monday, so maybe the weekend crowd is different.

Albert Cuyp Street, with the famous market.

Flowers for sale!

This last picture is slightly indecent. Only NSFW if someone takes a close view, so be warned!  This wouldn’t be a proper post about Amsterdam without something a little dirty, so here are some chocolate dildos.

Is it my imagination, or are the dark chocolate ones larger than the white chocolate ones?