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A retrospective: York’s train station

Okay, so maybe “retrospective” is a bit of a grandiose title for what this post really is:  leftovers. Really, really old leftovers. You see, about a year ago we took a weekend trip up to Leeds and York, and when we got back we organized all our photos and started several blog posts about our trip.  But we didn’t actually post all of them.

And since we’ve done nothing interesting for the past 2 months (other than WorkWorkWorkWork), I thought I’d go back and re-visit some of the older posts that never made it onto the internets. So here we are, with some stale and slightly out-of-date (much like the pasta I had for dinner last night) pictures from the train station in York.

I think the giant Welcome to York sign is nice, although I had to read a bit to understand the symbolism. Apparently the crossed keys of York represent the keys to heaven, as held by St Peter, its traditional gatekeeper.  The York connection is that York Minster is dedicated to St Peter, its official name being the ‘Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York’.  I don’t know what the hat on the top if for, or why there are five lions on the cross.  Any ideas?

This is a shot of the exterior of the station, but not the front entrance. It was taken from the city walls looking down at the taxi stand (I think so, at least. It was a year ago. My memory is not so precise that I can remember exactly where I was standing when the shot was taken!)  The current building was designed by architects Thomas Prosser and William Peachey, and opened in 1877. It originally had 13 tracks, and allowed for thru-traffic between London and Edinburgh.  (Previously the trains had to go into York and then back out again.) There have been a number of changes to the building since it first opened, including adding a big hotel, resignaling the tracks, and renovations following damage during WWII.

Almost all of the tracks are underneath the large glass ceiling, except for tracks 9, 10 and 11, which are found adjacent and are accessed by a long stair and crosswalk. (If I recall correctly, we were a bit confused as to where these tracks were located – they could use a bit of help on their signage!)

Since we were only in York for the day, we booked an evening train heading home. I think we were supposed to be on the 8:30 train or so, but we were probably ready to leave a good hour before that. But it’s always fun people-watching at a train station, and with a pint in hand from the local pub the time went quickly.  Soon enough we were on our way back to London!

And that is about all I have to say for the York train station.  Perhaps it wasn’t worth it to go back and post these pictures, but since I’ve got bupkis else to blog about right now, it’s better than nothing. I promise lots of exciting blogs in the near future, as we have a little trip planned up to Blackpool, and then in just a few short weeks we’ll be in Japan!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s sending some love out to all our family and friends who have been keeping up with our little blog. And I guess I can send some love out to those of you who AREN’T reading the blog, although I guess you’ll never know it.  🙂

Yesterday we splurged and bought the DVD for Downton Abbey, so tonight we’re going to be getting some Pizza Express take out and noshing down!  Hey, it’s an improvement over last year, when we spent Valentine’s Day at Ikea!  🙂


That was it!  That was the last of the Berlin posts!  Well, maybe not. I’m sure Alex has a ton of pictures of the U-bahn to talk about, but I’m not going to place any bets that he’ll get around to that soon!  He still has some posts about his trip to Tokyo to do, and that was more than 6 months ago!

I’m really looking forward to jetting off tomorrow to the California sunshine.  I’m going to try and blog a bit every day rather than leave it all for when we get back home. Hopefully that will help eliminate the backlog that I always seem to struggle with!