Happy Holidays 2014

It’s a quiet Christmas in London this year. Alex and I are both off work for two whole weeks (Thanks education-institution-employers!) But while we’ll be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day quietly at home, on Boxing Day we’re flying off for a few days in sunny Portugal. We decided to book a holiday to the Algarve, and we’ll be there until New Years Eve. Five days is not really long enough to explore the whole region, I know — especially since I plan to spend most of it relaxing and not hard-core-touristing — but we’ll have time to taste the pastéis de nata, and the  bacalhau as well.

I’m not going to lie to you … it’s been a bit of a slog this year. A new job in late 2013 really hit me hard in 2014, with long hours and an intense workload. And Alex has been globe-trotting as usual (his annual travel report is coming soon!). But that’s no excuse for the pathetic amount of blogging that we’ve done this year, and I promise I’ll try to do better in the next one.

Sending lots of love out to our family and friends around the world.  XOXO


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  1. Sun and relaxation sounds like the perfect way to kickoff the new year! Miss you guys!

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