On the water of the Rio Tejo




Every city we go to (where possible) I always try to get out on the water, even if it’s just for a little bit. We’ve done so many ferry trips and scenic sunset cruises, but I still love it.  In Lisbon we had the opportunity to take a lovely sunset cruise on a sailboat, but it was ridonkulously expensive, so instead we just hopped on the ferry across the Rio Tejo from Cacilhas to Cais de Sodre.  The journey took maybe 15-20 minutes, but the weather was gorgeous, and it was nice to get a bit of distance from the city – you can really appreciate the uniformity of the architecture when you see it across the water!


Selfie! Or doubly, or couply, or whatever you want to call it…



The bright and sunny pic (above) is in great contrast to this one, with the dark and stormy skies we saw on our first day in Lisbon – it was an “angry sky” – as Alex put it. But there were plenty of sailboats out enjoying the wind!



These steps go directly from the big plaza down into the water – if it had been warm and sunny I might have been tempted to go for a dip!



And then we’re back to the glorious blue sky for the rest of the weekend!  Just over Alex’s right shoulder you can see the green bit of hilltop where the (fake) castle sits, Castelo de Sao Jorge, overlooking the city.



One of the main reasons we wanted to go on the ferry trip was to get a better look at the big red bridge. Does it look familiar? Yes – it’s very similar to the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, and is painted the same red as the Golden Gate!


Alex was a big fan.


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