Happy Turkey Day!

Last year we joined a friend at a local “American-style BBQ” restaurant in London for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never had barbeque turkey before, and it was pretty good. But this year we’re going even more traditional – sort of.

You know how the first Thanksgiving consisted of a meal between the original Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians to celebrate the first harvest?  Well, the thought of sitting down WITH the Indians inspired me to sit down FOR an Indian.  Yes, we’re going out for a curry tonight.

It’s a strange linguistic thing that the British do – adding “an” before the type of cuisine. It’s not “going out for Indian tonight”, it’s “going out for AN Indian tonight”. The same is true of Chinese food.  And to me, nothing sounds funnier than “I’m really craving a Chinese, aren’t you?”

It reminds of me of a project I did once in high school: The Cannibal’s Cookbook. It was a (serious) look at all the different cultures around the world where anthropophagy is a part of the cultural heritage. Unfortunately my teacher didn’t really see the humorour OR serious side of the project, and I was referred to the counselor’s office!

Anyway … I wish we could be with all our friends and family today, tucking into a big bird with all the fixings. But instead we’ll raise a poppadom to you later this evening. Happy Thanksgiving!


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