Argh! Two months just disappeared!

What happened? The last time I posted was at the end of September, and here we are almost at the end of November!

Sorry folks. Life gets in the way, sometimes.  Honestly, I thnk the last three months have been the busiest, most complicated, most professionally challenging … well, ever.

But I’m loving every minute of it.  Our new flat is great – it feels more like a grown-up flat than before. We even had a flat-warming party two weeks ago, and 10 whole people showed up. (I was hoping for a few half people, but no luck.) And we took a weekend trip to Luxembourg (post coming tomorrow – promise!).  And I started my new job! Which is going really well. It’s a pretty big step up for me, but the challenges are great and the people seem friendly.  The commute’s not that bad, either. A straight hour on the train, but it’s going against the flow, so the train is empty and quiet.

We decided to go to Dubrovnik for Christmas this year. It seems like it’s about the right size – big enough to keep us interested, but small enough to force us to relax a bit.  As we get older and busier at work, our holiday priorities are shifting. Three years ago we were very much “GO GO GO” on our trips, and now we’re more “eh, I’ll go after I take a nap”.  But I guess that’s part of the process of aging!

Ok. I’m going to cut this one short, because I’ve promised you a post tomorrow all about Luxembourg. Or as we started calling it, Sucks-embourg.  🙂


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  1. Suzanne Moulton-Gertig

    I want to hear ALL about Dubrovnik when you return. thinking of going there in the next few years. Congrats on surviving the move.

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