Notes to Self: the next time we move

1. It can be several weeks between viewing/signing up for the flat and when you get the keys, and in those weeks your memory will play tricks on you. You will remember that flat being much larger than it actually is. Therefore, MEASURE the flat when you’re viewing it, so you can be realistic about how much of your current stuff is going to fit.

2. Always pack a “last out-first in” bag with the essentials. These are the things you’ll still need on your last night in the old flat, and the first night in the new flat. I’m talking clothes, toothbrushes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. This will stop you from panicking on the last morning when you realize that you’ve packed all your socks and you have nothing to put on your tootsies.

3. Cats (or, at least MY cat) like to chew on bubble-wrap, and it makes a god-awful-scary noise at 2am.  Try to pack using blankets or moving pads instead.

4. Even if you think you live like a fairly clean/organized person, you are going to find scary things under/behind the bed/couch.  Get over it.

5. Don’t bother trying to save the 3/4 empty bottle of hair gel/bath bubble/toothpaste/pasta sauce/etc. If you haven’t used it up by the moving date, just toss it. The aggravation of having it spill all over the place while trying to move is not worth the aggravation. This will offend your Puritan, make-do-and-remember-the-Great-Depression sensibilities, but remember that you live in England now. The Puritans left for a reason, and there was no Great Depression here.

6. The cats will be freaked out by the packing, and will vomit all over the new boxes you’ve bought. This will weaken the structural integrity of the boxes, and they may collapse into a disgusting pile of vomity-wet-cardboard.


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  1. Oh man, bummer about #6!!!! Hope the move is going well–sending good vibes your way!!

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