Lions, Tigers, and drunk 20-somethings, oh my!

On Friday evening I went to the Zoo Lates at ZSL (the London Society of Zoology), aka the London Zoo.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – it’s an attempt to get adults to enjoy the zoo in a more mature environment. But really, they just swapped out one type-of-person (children) with another (drunken 20-year-olds).  The similarities are quite striking: both age groups enjoy getting their faces painted, both age groups enjoy wearing costumes (including ears, tails, and animal onesies), both groups enjoy tapping on the glass and trying to get the animal’s attention, and both groups leave large amounts of food residue all over the place.

And yet, surprisingly, I had quite a nice time. We left before last-call, so I think we missed the worst of the drunken displays. I do think it’s a bit of a meat-market (which I find ironic, in an existential kind of way, after all, it’s a ZOO!), so if you’re looking to hook-up in London, this is a good place to do it. And if you have latent fantasies about tails, feathers, or tail-feathers, this is an even better place.

The only other notable event was a bitter-sweet one. Recently the US Supreme Court over-ruled DOMA, which means that a lot of federal positions regarding gay rights are going to change, including immigration stuff. Some very good friends of ours, J&A, have been exiled in London for the past 7 years because A is a European citizen, and their marriage is not recognized by the US. They have had to live in London not by choice, but by necessity, because there was no other way for them to be together.  On Friday they told me that they hope to apply for a spouse visa, so they can finally go back to New York (where they met, fell in love, and have family).  While I am absolutely thrilled that they can finally go home, I am upset to be losing my good friends! I know that not everyone is as lucky as Alex and I are;  we’re really privileged to be in a position where we can choose to live, and we’ve worked really hard to make that dream a reality. I hope that everyone has the possibility of doing that – I’d like to live in that world…

PS – no pics from the zoo, I’m afraid… they all came out too fuzzy!


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