Planning South America

So what have we been up to, other than cursing about driving lessons and bad road signs?

We’ve been busy planning our trip to South America!

The plan so far is to fly into Buenos Aires, and spend 4-5 days exploring the city. We haven’t nailed down a hotel yet, so any suggestions are greatly welcome. Then we’re heading up to Iguazu Falls, which is one of the most amazing waterfalls in the whole world. We’re staying on the Brazilian side, in the center of town. Because it’s still a bit dicey as to whether I’ll actually HAVE my license by that point, we’re planning on using public transport the entire time. But if I DO have my license by then, we might rent a car and go exploring.  After 2-3 days in Iguazu, we’re heading to Mendoza, which is in the prime wine-making region of the Andes. We’ve got 2 nights in Mendoza (or Mendoozy, as I’ve been calling it), and we plan on tasting some great wines while there. We’ve recently tried a Torrontes, which is one of the famous Argentinian varietals, and we’re big fans. Haven’t tried the Malbec yet, but maybe this weekend.  After Mendoza, we’re taking a bus across the Andes to Santiago. Alex promises me that the buses are very luxurious,with lay-flat seats and televisions and everything. It’s only a six hour crossing, but through some of the most amazing mountains in the world. He’s very much looking forward to that bit of the trip. Then it’s onward to Valparaiso, a small town on the coast. After two days on the water, it’s back to Santiago for a few more days, before heading off to Sao Paolo, where have a very brief stop to spend some time with our friend Lucas, and then it’s back home!

Phew! That was exhausting just typing it all. Not sure how we’re going to make the actual travels. 🙂  Of course, all the usual debates are underway: which suitcase to take, which shoes to wear, should we take jackets or coats, etc….

None of that makes for particularly scintillating blog reading, however, but I will try to get some of the highlights down on our actual trip. Only three weeks to departure! Yay!


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