2013: Brought to you by the letter “i”

If you made it through Alex’s mammoth blog post from yesterday, congrats! He doesn’t blog often, but when he does, it’s a doozy. J   I thought I would do a post now looking forward into 2013, and talk a bit about our goals for this coming year.

We’ve worked very hard for this life, and we really want to take advantage of every opportunity that we can. I’m afraid that sometimes this blog might come across as ditzy, because we’re always dashing off here or dashing off there. But I promise you that our life is not one continuous vacation. It might appear that way, but only because we don’t think blogs about working all weekend, late-night conference calls, or early morning meetings are very interesting.

Our goals for 2013 are to do more of the same: travel! As much as we can, as often as we can, and to as many new places as possible. Of course, we run into a bit of a snag when deciding WHERE to go. In the past, we’ve always left it a bit up to chance: “Oh, there’s a cheap ticket to Dusseldorf, let’s go!”  But for 2013, we’re going to try for a bit more direction.

Deciding that direction is not so easy, however. We were toying with the idea of making 2013 “The year of Eastern Europe”, but instead we’ve gone funky and chosen the letter “i”.  Italy, Ireland, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel …. It’s all on the table. And conveniently, we’ve already ticked Istanbul off the list!  It might be a bit old-school (inspired by Sesame Street?), but 2013 is now officially brought to you by the letter “i”.

Now don’t think we’re being exclusivist about this. We’re not going to deny ourselves a trip to someplace just because it is named with the wrong letter …. (hello Maldives!) … but we’re going to be a bit more focused when it comes to our leisure time.

I’m not sure if we’ll succeed, but at least we’ll have fun trying! I hope you continue reading our adventures. Your comments and support are greatly appreciated!  (And if you happen to know of any cool destinations that begin with our letter of choice, let us know!)


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