2013: Foodie Resolution

If you remember from last year, my 2012 resolution was to learn to like olives.  And I am pleased to say that (possibly for the first time ever) I was wildly successful in accomplishing that!  I am now quite addicted to olives, all flavors, all varieties.  Alex is maybe not so pleased with this development, but that’s his loss!  😉

So I figured that for 2013 I should continue the trend, by picking a food item that is A) good for you, B) liked by lots of other people, but C) historically not really liked by me, probably because I’ve never invested the time in learning or trying it out.

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So … anyone got any tasty recipes for me to start with???


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  1. Eating more seafood has definitely been a goal of mine the last couple years, too 🙂 This is one of our favorite salmon recipes that has made it into our regular rotation: http://www.wholeliving.com/131828/salmon-spinach-and-chickpeas. We usually use pesto from a jar rather than making our own to save time, an serve with brown rice.

  2. Easiest salmon recipe ever: buy a bag of taco mix (wait, do they have this in the UK?), pour/rub it on the top of the salmon (the skin side is on your pan—cover your pan with aluminum foil if you don’t want to deal with a smelly pan forever). If it’s way way dry you can add a bit of olive oil. Bake. The salmon oils will combine with the taco mix to be this really flavorful rub. We pair with corn, onion, and poblano pepper succotash.

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