A little quiz….

Alex and I just booked an amazing holiday, and I am SO EXCITED!  As you know, we’re total culture vultures, and we usually do city-breaks. It’s not unusual for us to plan our holidays using Excel spreadsheets, and we’re all about getting up early to be at the museum right when it opens.  But for this trip we’ve decided to do something totally different.  And you have to guess where we’re going!

Hint Number 1:



Hint Number 2:


Hint Number 3:



If you guessed THE MALDIVES you are correct!

Yep. We’re going to the fancy-schmancy resort in the Indian Ocean, where you can eat in a restaurant or sleep in a room that is under water!  But I don’t think we’ll go for that … I like the option of the room out on stilts over the water. Apparently the resort offers “outdoor bathrooms” … god knows what that means!  But after the naked hotsprings in Japan, I think we can handle just about anything.  Anyway, we’ve booked this trip for May, so it will be something to look forward to during the long and cold winter months here in London.



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