Alex and Astrid in Bruges

No, I haven’t seen the movie, but here are a few pictures from our recent weekend-getaway to Bruges (or Brugge, if you’re Dutch).  It’s a fantastic city, and honestly, it’s one of the few places in the world that I think is NOT oversold. It’s just as adorably cute and precious as you can imagine. The hordes of tourists are another thing, but most of them seem to be day-trippers, as the city become much quieter at about 5:30 or 6:00pm.  We loved the main square, and the amazing buildings surrounding it, but I think we loved the small canals and streets and bridges best of all!


The pic below was taken from across the canal – but I love the thought of having a little back door/patio right on the water. It might not be clear, but in addition to the flower pots there were several ducks hanging out!  And even the most sceptical of you have to admit that the green door is super cute. It looks like it leads to a magical fairy-tale world, doesn’t it?



At first I couldn’t remember why we took this next pic, and then I remembered that we were taking a break in a small square, and we were both entranced by how this one building seems to grow, or to have been stuck onto, the buildings behind it. They remind me of a group of mushrooms, just spontaneously spouting! I also like the juxtaposition of a historic chocolatier next to a skate shop.



A cute building/bridge …. I managed to snap this pic without all the tourists, but I promise you that it was a very close call!




Aww…. the handsomest man in Bruges.  🙂



Although I admit I lost my heart to this little guy. He’s totally loving the window over the canal. If I could take a nap anywhere in the world, I think it would be curled up in this window seat with the big, fluffy puppy.


How can anyone resist, right? It’s right off a chocolate-box!



Ah yes, and here are all the tourist hordes. Seriously. It was quite annoying. Especially the obnoxious Americans who were complaining that the canal “smelled like pee”. It’s a canal, people! It’s going to smell!  Get over it!



I couldn’t finish up a post about Bruges without a picture of the band. I will admit, there were a number of times where Alex and I turned to each other to ask if we were in a “real” place, or if we were DisneyWorld. It’s so impossibly fake looking, and yet it IS authentic, right? Although that begs the question of how much is staged for the tourists, but I’d rather not think that it’s completely artificial. Otherwise, why would people keep going?  (Scratch that – DisneyWorld is the number one tourist destination in the whole world and it is 100% fake. Maybe I’m the only one who cares about that?)



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  1. Yeah ! THE blog is alive and well, after all ! Thanks for sharing. The houses on the canal, the dog in the window, and especially the street musicians are indeed straight out of a collection of Anton Pieck pieces – thanks again for sharing.

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