In Medias Res

I’m writing now at hour 15 of 52.  I estimate that my door-to-door travel time, from hotel in Eugene, OR to front door in London, will be 52 hours.  Originally, it was going to be +24, as I had scheduled a 26-hour layover in Bangkok to cut the jet lag and sleep in a real bed…but after being away for so long, I just want to get home and see Astrid, so I was able to cut out that extra day.  Any “one night in Bangkok” adventures will have to wait for next time!

So, earlier today I flew from Eugene to San Francisco, and had about 12 hours in San Francisco.  I stored my bags at the airport (for the crazy price of $50!) and went into the city, taking care of some US shopping and killing time.  I was once again reminded of how much I love San Francisco, and of course BART!  It is truly one of my most favorite cities in the world.

Lordy, Lordy, BART is Forty!

I’m actually really, really tired now – so much so that I’m practically falling over in the lounge – and that is concerning at the start of the long-haul part of this journey, but hopefully I will sleep well on tonight’s ultra-long-haul flight to Hong Kong, in the excellent new Cathay Pacific business seat.  The good news is that I’m not heading to a work meeting, so I don’t have any super-pressing work to do, so will try to just rest/sleep and watch some movies, and I am very much looking forward to a three-day weekend at home.

So, I’m about to depart from SFO for HKG, BKK, and LHR, and will end up at Heathrow in about 35 hours.  See you on the other side!


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    Hello my exhausted, traveling son! I hope that you are sleeping now in the right plane, going in the right direction. I love these posts! Really appreciate the “u r there” reports. So proud of u!! Does your tablet word wrap?? Very annoying!!! I m using a padded stylus; so u need one? I got a great deal, 3 for something. Nothing like a bargin!! I can easily send u a few for u & Astrid 2 use with your tablets. So sorry 2 hear about your computer woes. That must have been a nightmare!! Trying 2 cope with all of that is nerve wracking can best, maddening & energy draining 2 the max. As always, your outstanding ability 2 adroitly analyze, process & quickly problem solve come into play. U r amazing!!!!! This thing will not let me for paragraphs. If your brother does not go 2 law school, the world will hrs missing one great attorney!!! Mr. Argue, Mr Propose an alternative (sometimes aka excuses)!!!Geeech!!!! Did I mention maddening???? Although, I must also say, quite amusing. When we were talking about your debacle with your beard trimmer, Teddy,s first question, How does he know the maid broke it? ???????!!!!!!!! So, when your case gets to the courts, it will be Theodore Barron for the defense. Rest, sleep, eat, decompress, and enjoy your homecoming. Happy days to Astrid!!! Love always & 4 ever, ywm, MOM(MY), Valerie

  2. Again: my very best wishes and beliefs that you’ll have a safe journey with time to rest. You can be sure that you’ll be very, very welcome home.

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