We’re (still) legal!

Kind of a funny post, I know, but I just wanted to share our relief at the news that our visas have been successfully renewed for another two years.  🙂  So we can stay at least until October 2014 … which is great news!  We spent all day on Friday up in Sheffield (about 2.5 hours north of London) at the border agency office waiting for our paperwork to be reviewed.  And after spending a vast amount of money (seriously, you could almost buy a car for that amount),  we got the formal stamp of approval.

The entire visa renewal process has been a nightmare, to be honest, and it’s been much more stressful than it was the first time around, even though the paperwork was (slightly) less complex.  At least then, if we were denied, it wouldn’t have changed our lives … we could keep living and working and doing our thing.  But if we were denied now, we’d have 10 days to leave the country! I don’t know where we would have gone … I refused to even come up with an alternative plan, because I didn’t want to jinx our chances!  But logically there was no reason for our application to be denied, but it’s much nicer knowing that officially!



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