The Isle of Skye (or The Adventures of Alex’s Hat)

You might have seen the rather dashing man in a hat in some of my previous posts. Or perhaps I should say, you might have seen the man in the rather dashing hat!  We got this great piece of haberdashery at Camden Lock market back in June, and we’ve both been itching for an opportunity to wear it.  So this holiday seemed like the perfect time.  The hat did everything a hat is supposed to do … it shaded the face and neck, it was cool (even though it’s technically more of a winter hat, the felt is quite light), and most importantly, the aforementioned “dashing” factor.

So imagine my distress when Alex LEFT THE HAT ON THE BUS.  Yes, the hat he’d worn for precisely 2.5 hours was abandoned, alone and forgotten, on a strange and foreign bus on the Isle of Skye. Poor little hat.

Luckily for me the Scottish folk on Skye are terribly friendly. I also think they only have about 6 buses, so when I called their helpline the next morning I was happy to hear that they’d undertake a search for the missing hat.  Sure enough, about 5 minutes later we got a call saying the hat had been found.  Hurray!  But even better, they asked where we were staying and arranged for the hat to take a trip on THAT bus and be delivered very nearly to our front door.  It was amazing service.  John at Stagecoach buses on the Isle of Skye deserves a serious commendation – he was polite and helpful, and most important, he got us the hat back.  🙂

From that point, we walked across the one-and-only bridge to Skye to the town of Kyle of Lochalsh. It’s a nice big bridge, and I’m rather proud that we walked it. (Also a good opportunity for the hat.)

Alex. On the Bridge. With the Hat.


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