Onboard the Ferry from Mallaig to Armadale

Once we arrived in Mallaig and escaped from the Harry Potters, we enjoyed a really great fish-n-chips lunch (with the requisite pint, of course), and then proceeded to the ferry terminal.  I think we spent about an hour in Mallaig, but we could have done a bit more seeing the shops, but the town really serves as a way-point for travelers heading on to the Isle of Skye.

The ferry is quite a large boat, and takes cars from the mainland out to Skye. It’s one of several vital links to the island, as there is only one bridge (on the other side of the island). The ferry takes about 35 minutes and costs around £4 per person, as long as you’re not taking a car or a bike with you.  We sat outside, and enjoyed the view.  There were safety bars all over, so it felt a bit like a very scenic prison, but overall it was lovely.  The fantastic, sunny weather helped as well!

Once we got to Skye we decided to take a little bus tour of the island.  If we were to go back, I would definitely rent a car on the island. There are buses, but they are few and far between, and although Wikitravel claims there is “regular service”, we discovered that it was about ever 2 hours, and the connections were pretty tenuous between services.  Although we slept well on the sleeper train the night before, the warm sunshine and the swaying motion of the bus soon got the better of us, and we slept for a good portion of our “tour”.  Never fear, we came back via the same route and got to see a bit of the island.  Enough to know that we’d like to go back, but it’s not at the top of the returns-list.  I can see why the island is popular with hikers, because the lack of trees means you can see for ages in any direction!  I thought it all looked a bit bare, but I have heard that other parts of the island are more scenic.





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