My Birthday at Wembley

Last night I had the opportunity to go see an Olympic Football match at Wembley Stadium.  It was pretty amazing, and I don’t even like sports!

It was the women’s teams of Great Britain vs. Brazil, both of which are quite good, so there was a lot of action on the field. We were sitting quite high-up, which I thought would be annoying, but then I realized that in football  (which means soccer to you Yanks!) it’s better to be high because you can see the action better than if you’re down below.

It’s hard to capture the feeling of 70,000 in the stadium …. it was very intense!  But it was also very polite, as the women’s games tend to have more families and children, and less drinking, than the men’s games. I was quite impressed with the stadium, also … it was very clean and well-organized, and the interlocking stairs and escalators are pretty neat.  It’s organized so that (if they wanted to) to could have certain sections for each team, and the people in those different sections would never actually meet. I imagine it’s handy when things get a bit heated!  The beer and nachos were over-priced, which is to be expected, but they did use real jalapenos (and not Doritos chips) so I suppose that’s also a win.

The best news of the night was that the GBR team won. (Yay!)  It’s also kind of a big deal because this is the first time since 1948 (the last time London hosted the Games) that GBR has fielded a football team – usually the nationalist politics between England, Scotland and Wales precludes us from participating in Olympic football. So it was a pretty historic moment. It was also cool because Brazil is hosting the next Olympics …. and it all happened on my birthday!
Thanks for all the emails and cards, and thanks to my lovely husband for some beautiful flowers.  It was definitely one my more unique birthday memories!



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