Time Travel! Back to the Hepworth Museum in St Ives

One year ago Alex, my mum, and I went on a long weekend to explore Cornwall. We posted lots of pictures from that trip, but I’ve just stumbled on a few that we took at the Barbara Hepworth museum in St Ives (the cutest town on the face of the planet).  I thought I’d do one of my infamous “I’m calling in Time Travel! but really it’s just because I’m more than 1 year behind on my blog posts” posts….

Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor, who lived from 1903-1975.  She worked in St Ives in a small studio that has now been converted into a museum of her work. I found it quite inspiring to walk in the spaces where she conceived of her art, but at the same time I found it a bit sad that these wonderful pieces didn’t have better, bigger, more exciting homes to find!


So many of her pieces are large, I think they need a lot of space to live in.  When they are all packed on top of each other, the effect is a bit like having 12 unruly children all sharing one bedroom – chaos!


I particularly like the above piece – the tenuous connectivity has a very romantic feel about it, in my opinion.  Some of the works would have benefited from a clear space around it – clear air space, I mean – but I think this piece works really well, almost hidden amidst the plants of the garden.



Speaking of the gardens, I think my mom enjoyed the plantlife more than the sculpture … there were wonderful plants and flowers in the lush and verdant garden. Apparently St Ives is well-known in Cornwall for having a very temperate environment. One of the reasons that so many artists loved St Ives is because of the great weather and the sparkling quality of the light!



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