I have a new backpack!

Perhaps I am silly to be so excited, but I have a new backpack! It is a Quecha (but don’t ask me how to pronounce that). It is black and holds 49 litres of stuff. It will be perfect for our trip to Scotland! I might even convince Alex to go camping, but don’t hold your breath.

Yesterday we had the most beautiful day. We went bicycling near the Shadwell basin, just north of the river Thames. Then we stopped by Kings Cross train station to see the new departure hall and roof … Alex quite liked it, but I thought it was trying too hard to be unique. We also swung past the Barbican, a rather brutalist architectural project from the late 1960s. We fell in love a little bit, but the place is definitely sexy-ugly, rather like Steve Buscemi! We plan to go back to take an architectural tour. We ended the day at Foyles bookstore, where, I’m sad to say, we lusted after many books but spent no money!

The Olympic torch is coming past our house tomorrow afternoon, so check back for pictures and details, as we’re both coming home early for the event!

Oh, and I also booked a retreat on the Isle of Wight to do a course in stained-glass, for when Alex is traveling in September. I am soooo excited!


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