My poor, sad, neglected, little blog

I am a bad blogger.

A bad, BAD blogger!

But at the same time, I’m a very busy, happy, and successful person. Not that the two are mutually exclusive in any way, but really we’ve just been swamped the past few months.  We were in Oslo, then we had Teddy visiting, and then this past week we had a college friend of mine stay with us. She’s from the States but lives in Switzerland, so she and I took the opportunity to do some girly stuff together.  We went to a Turkish Hamam spa in east London, which was amazing.  And we saw Magic Mike, which will surely be up for an Oscar this year.  🙂   We drank a lot of wine and talked a lot of old-times, and generally had a great time.  But all that leaves little time for blogging!

AND… what’s more…. Alex noticed the date last night and realized that it has been exactly 2.5 years since he arrived in London. I missed my anniversary about a week ago, because I got here earlier than he did, but it’s still a bit of a milestone for us!

We’re in the midst of planning our visa-renewal, which is just as much paperwork and headache as it was the first time around. In fact, we need some documentation that we left in storage in New Jersey (oops!)  But luckily Alex will be in the DC-area for work next week, so he’ll just pop up and get what we need.  We also need to seriously think about what to do with that storage unit … it’s probably time to bite the bullet and either get rid of the stuff, or bring it over to the UK.  I have a fantasy trip planned for us on the Cunard Line, because they have no luggage limitations, so we can bring all my 18 boxes of books. 🙂

Let’s see …. other updatey kind of news … the Olympics are upon us!!  The city is definitely in a mad rush to get ready!  There is a lot of kerfuffle about special driving lanes and security forces and all that, but I honestly think that happens EVERY time before the games. We’re just hearing more about it because it’s in our backyard this time. I’m sure that Beijing and Sydney and Athens all suffered similar problems.

Because I’ve been told that all the best blog posts have pictures, here is a totally random shot of Alex and Teddy from aboard the HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Teddy was less-than-impressed with all the “old stuff”.


And here is a random picture of Alex and I in Oslo … we’d taken the subway out into the suburbs. I think it’s the most “nature” we’ve gotten in months! I’m squinting a but like a pirate, but in my defense the sun was quite bright that day!



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