If I’m ever a billionaire…

I have this really cool philanthropic idea for when I become a billionaire.  It’s really simple – I’m not interested in curing cancer or saving lives in Africa (okay, I am, but not for this particular idea) …

I want to give away umbrellas.

You know when it’s raining, and you’re caught outside without an umbrella?  That sucks. If I was a billionaire, I would hire people to go out on the streets whenever it starts raining, find people who desperately need an umbrella, and give them one. For free.  Just because.

There is nothing more miserable than being wet in the rain, and it can totally ruin your day.  But think of all the good that could happen if, just when you desperately needed it, some nice person handed you exactly what you need.  An umbrella!  It’s simple, it’s delightful, it’s perfect.

Now I just need the billion dollars.

Collapsed umbrellas a temple in Japan.

Collapsed umbrellas a temple in Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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