Summer is finally here!

After months and months of cold and rain, I can say quite definitively that summer has arrived in the British Isles. It was 27degrees over the weekend, without a cloud in the sky!  We tried to stay cool in the flat, but there were plenty of British folk out and about getting crispy. I think it’s a psychological thing that they don’t like to wear sunscreen, because they see the sun so rarely they forget about the dangers. Unfortunately Alex and I don’t have that luxury, but we were good all weekend, and we’ve got an entire box full of 50+ SPF to protect us.

Alex had a nice (but brief) trip to Barcelona two weeks ago, and he brought back some really fantastic jamon. So we’ve been munching on that, some great goat cheese, and this amazing wine from the Orvieto region of Italy that we’ve fallen in love with.  Alex leaves for Oslo tomorrow, and then I’m flying out to join him for the weekend. But fear not!  We’ll be back in London next Monday night, just in time for the Diamond Jubilee madness on Tuesday.  Everyone has gone Queen-crazy around here (and I mean the monarch, not the rock band), and it’s kind of cute to see.

I do have some thoughts stirring in my head about a longer blog post that I want to write, about some of the trials and tribulations that ex-pats have to face. They are few and far between (after all, let’s face, we choose to live here because we love it), but life is not all sunshine and petunias. I think the most difficult thing to deal with is the lack of communication from home – the blog is great, but it’s all one-way, isn’t it?  Very rarely do we hear from our friends and family.  So if anyone wants to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s see … there is not much other news to report. We’ve decided to begin the process of getting British driving licenses, on the wrong side of the road and everything, so I’m sure there will be at least a humorous post or two in the future when I pull into on-coming traffic!  I think Alex is going to have to learn to drive a manual transmission too!




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  1. Karen van der Westuizen

    31May 2012:Hello Astrid and Alex. And now it is winter for us in RSA! Enjoy your summer in London, while we are entering winter….I should have been a bear…..I just want to hibernate! Love your blog! Lots of love, Karen

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