Pictures from (old) Jersey

Couldn’t resist.

This looks like it could be in Florida, but it’s really in Jersey. There were even a few old people sitting around on the park benches. It was awesome.

The amazing coastline along the northwest corner of the island. We took a brief bus trip around to see the sights, and the driver was kind enough to wait for us as we scrambled off to grab a few pictures.

Aww…. look at that couple. Don’t they look so relaxed and peaceful? What a pity it only lasted about 29 hours!


Definitely in the running for the best pub name ever.


I don’t think I want to turn right. Thanks though.


I told Alex that when I get old (-er), I want to be put in a nursing home by the ocean and wheeled out to stare at the sea all day every day. That would make me happy.


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  1. Ha-ha-ha about pic #1 – – – are people considered animals on Jersey? Or is it OK for them to foul the quay?

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