In which I allow myself to get distracted

Mother is coming to visit.

I need to clean the flat.

Oh crap.

Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

Oh wait, maybe I should organize this at the same time and make it all look pretty.

This is how I allow myself to get distracted from the stated goals of the day.  (Usually this happens when I “organize” the bookshelf, but occasionally it happens with other things.)


I'm cleaning the kitchen. Oh wait, what's that sticking out of the drawer?

Ah! Whatever it is ... it's taking over the entire drawer!

Ooh ... wait ... cool idea to organize. This will definitely be a valuable use of my time. Step 1: Lay the bag out flat.

Step 2. Fold the bag in half, longways.

Step 3. Fold the bag in half, longways, again.

Step 4. Starting at the bottom of the bag, fold it into a triangle.

Step 5. Fold the triangle upward.

Step 6. Fold another triangle, and then fold that one upward as well. Do this 5 times.

Step 7. Start at the top of the bag, and fold the handles down to make a neat edge.

Step 8. Fold the top into a triangle, the same size as the bottom triangles.

Step 9. Fold top-side triangle downward, and then into another triangle.

Step 10. Fold the top down into one more triangle, until your two triangles meet in the middle. They should shape a pyramid. If you get a parallelogram instead, unfold one side and fold your first triangle going the other way.

Step 12. Stuff one side of the pyramid inside the other. I found it was easier to stuff the top into the bottom.

Step 14. Ta da! Yes, I realize that I just folded a plastic bag into a paper football, but we're in England here and they don't know what that is.

The dragon Smaug-ette resting on her piles of treasure. Or "helping", depending on your point of view.

Evidence: Bags Before....

... Bags After!!! Clearly a valuable use of my time. Right?



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  1. Astrid,
    You are losing it, clearly. Now, if you had been as tidy with your harp strings. . . .

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