Happy Easter! (and pics from Paris)

Easter’s not really my holiday, as you might know, but I do support the chocolate bunny thing. I admit, I’m a “chomp their ears off” kind of gal. Unfortunately Alex and I have both been working flat-out this week, so I have nothing interesting and new to post. Yes, we’re both in the office this weekend, even though it’s a 4-day weekend due to the bank holidays on Friday and Monday. But my big project should be wrapping up fairly soon, and Alex promises me that his schedule will ease up come early June (that seems impossibly far away at this point). My mum is coming for a visit next week (yay!) so my biggest worry is that our flat looks like a tornado came through. Literally, dishes piled up, laundry piled up, mail piled up … it’s not good. So I’m hoping that I can get away from work at least on-time (if not very much later than that) this week in the evenings and pick up a bit.

Until, because I know you’re all still curious about our trip to Paris, here are some pictures from the Jardin du Luxembourg. Alex and I both agreed that it was one of our favorite parts of the trip, especially relaxing in the iconic green chairs and watching the people stroll by.

These chairs are emblematic of Paris in the springtime. There are two kinds: the upright, and the way-leaning-back-I-look-like-I'm-driving-a-hooptie version. We enjoyed the learning back ones the most!


We really enjoyed Paris this trip, and I think the weather made all the difference. The warm sunshine and bright skies really changed our minds about this city. I'm already thinking of trying to go back sometime soon!


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  1. LOVE the new haircut! You look great!

  2. What a great picture! You guys look so good,healthy and happy.

  3. Celeste Palm

    Love this picture You guys look great, healthy and happy.

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