A hot date

When I was at university, we had to do junior and senior recitals as part of our music degree.  It was both an amazing and nerve-wracking experience, and I’m proud to say that I think mine went over fairly well, except for that bit where I threw up beforehand out of stage-fright!  I’ll never forget when some poor sod mis-spelled his poster advertising his recital … he forgot the i.  So his Senior Tuba Recital became, well, rather unfortunate.  But if I recall correctly, the audience was packed that night!  😉  

All this is a humorous way to say that  Alex and I have a hot date for an organ recital tonight. There’s not much sexier than an organ recital, especially when it’s in a Ghanaian church.  But I suppose that my rectal joke won’t be much appreciated, so perhaps I’ll keep mum on that!

(Reading over this before I post, I realize that I’m starting to sound frightfully British!  Yikes!)


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