This little piggy went to market

A French street market, that is!  I love me some street markets.  They always seems to have the best smelling, tasting, and looking food!  The peppers are brighter, the pastries sweeter, and the fish smellier than in a regular grocery store. We intended to head to the largest market in Paris on Sunday morning, but like lazy slug-a-beds we slept late instead. I was a bit bummed, but then as we were walking to the Metro we saw a small, local market near our hotel. We were in the 13th Arrondissement, near Place de Italie, and this market seemed like it was entirely for locals. I didn’t see any of the cheesy tourist-stuff that you usually find – keychains of the Eiffel Tower, canvas bags that say “Paris”, etc.

So we took a quick walk through the market. I won’t post too many pictures, because it some ways one market is much like another.  But I will say that we stopped for a pain au chocolat, and it was amazing!

See? No doubt these are the brightest, shiniest peppers you've ever seen!

I have no idea what these are. Sea urchins maybe?


Yummy! Oysters! Mussels! They even had some opened and ready for tasting.


And now I'm totally going to out myself as a dork. I was so excited to see these breads shaped like a flower, because of my fascination with the War of the Roses. You see, Marguerite of Anjou (the French Queen who led the Lancastrian forces) had the daisy, or marguerite, flower as her personal symbol or badge. So I thought it was great to see bread baked in the shape of a marguerite in France! See? Total dork.


We gobbled up our pain au chocolat before I could get a picture, but I think the bag they came in tells the whole story!



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  1. Mmmmmm, pain au chocolat… The real question, though, is did this trip change your impressions of Paris?

  2. Yup, sea urchins (never had one, they look like they might not be worth the effort) – and not oysters, but scallops (coquilles).

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