Friday night at the Arc de Triomphe

Alex was in Paris last week for work, so we decided to take another stab at the whole weekend-getaway concept (after the trip to Germany was a bit of a disaster).  So I left work early on Friday afternoon and took the 3:15 Eurostar from St Pancras, and arrived in Paris just in time for happy hour. It was really perfect timing. Alex met me at Gare du Nord, and then we went to the hotel near the Champs d’Elysees. After a great dinner, we walked up the Arc de Triomphe. Here are a few pictures from the evening. The weather was perfect, warm but not muggy, and the skies were clear. Afterward, we walked down the Champs (I like to say we went Champsing) and enjoyed an early night, although Alex did stay up to finish a bit of work from the end of his meetings.

The arc is floodlit at night, and the stone looks haunting with the stark shadows. I think the slightly yellow tone makes the heavy monument appear light, almost like it's floating. I know the pic is slightly out of focus, but it was hard to get the settings right with that lighting!


A close-up of one of the relief-statues. I love the contrast between the lit stone and the black sky!


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