Auf Wiedersehen!

We’re off to Germany tomorrow morning for a long weekend … hopefully we’ll get some down time to relax and chill out, but of course for us that doesn’t mean lounging on the beach drinking martinis (although as I get older I’m becoming more appreciative of those kinds of holidays!)  No, we’re going to be running around, spending a bit of time in Dortmund (where I was an exchange student many moons ago), Cologne (to see the cathedral, naturally), Dusseldorf (which is frequently called the Paris of Germany), and Wuppertal (apparently there is a 100-year-old monorail that we simply HAVE to see!)

Alex is back from his business trip to Texas. I’ve been promised pictures of him at the rodeo, but I have yet to see any. As soon as they appear, you can be sure I will post them!



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  1. Yes: Dusseldorf is indeed the Paris of the north – but only twice as expensive; especially for the imported “traditional American” arts and crafts – enjoy !!

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