I fallded down

Our flat has one slightly odd feature. The front door is on the main street, and you immediately go up a flight of stairs to get into the main living space.  But the builders didn’t leave enough room at the bottom of stairs for you to stand next to the door while it opens – there is just barely enough room for the door to swing open. The person opening the door has to back up 2 steps, and then go out.

Normally I handle this situation with grace and sophistication (as I do all things in my life). But this morning, I unlocked the door, backed up the 2 steps, swung the door open, and then proceeded to embarrass myself. I fell down those 2 little steps, out the door, and onto the sidewalk, where I lay sprawled in confusion for a good 15 seconds.

I’m still not quite sure what happened. I think the steps must have moved.

Don’t worry … I’m fine. I skinned my knee and twisted my ankle, but the biggest injury was to my sense of dignity!  Luckily no one laughed. A nice man on a bicycle offered to help me up, and a man with a stroller stopped to check that I was okay.

A lovely start!  At least now I’ve used up my “looking ridiculous” quotient for the day!


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  1. Poor you. That’s the worst of these Victorian conversions.

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