Hello “Someone”… (with creepy background music)

So this little blog of ours has turned out to be mildly popular. We’ve had 80,000+ hits in the 2 years we’ve been on the air, which is not bad for a small mom-and-pop type of operation. Especially since this is a personal blog, written mostly for friends and family, rather than mass-consumption.  One of the cool features of WordPress is the ability to “follow” a blog, meaning that you get email updates and such whenever I post something new. When you follow a blog, you need to put in your name, and then it sends me a little email to say “Barack Obama is now following your blog”  (Ha! I wish!)   But this morning I got an email saying the “Someone is now following your blog” … and that person had actually typed in “Someone” instead of their name. Now, maybe I’m over-reacting, but that seems slightly creepy. At the very least, come up with a web-pseudonym, like “Victor” or “Katarina”, but don’t just put “Someone”.

Anyway, I’ll try not to worry about it too much.  We have about 80 followers; one more can’t hurt.  So welcome, “Someone”… I hope you enjoy our somewhat random posts about living as an American ex-pat in London, and occasional pictures of our kitties.  If you’d like to comment and tell us who you are, I’ll stop playing the creepy soundtrack in my head.


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