Stop the Presses! A Centimeter of Snow!

Saturday night into Sunday morning we got the slightest taste of snow here in Southwest London.  Although it was barely enough accumulation to notice, most of the Underground lines had some sort of weather-related delays (partly because the staff didn’t show up for work), and apparently 1/3 of the flights at Heathrow were preemptively cancelled!


The road never even really got covered, but there is a dusting on the sidewalks and the tops of houses (and buses!).

Sorry for the radio silence on my part here – January disappeared behind my trip to Washington for the Transportation Research Board conference (11,000 of my colleagues – many of whom gather to discuss concrete and asphalt) and to New York to make a bunch of executive presentations, and a nice family visit in Baltimore as well over the weekend.

Now I’m starting to prepare for Texas, where I’m headed just two weeks from today.  The race is on to see if the US Embassy will process my extra pages in time for the trip.

Hope the New Year is treating you all well!


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  1. LUVVIT !!

  2. It was so wonderful seeing you on Saturday!!! You look great and very happy!!
    Hope you are in town again soon. Always nice to see and hear from you and Astrid.I could hardly see the snow but I did hear about it on the news here.Today and tonight it might snow about the same as there, nothing. Thanks for the blog I love hearing whats going on in your lives. My best to you and Astrid. Love Aunt Celeste

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