Monday night musings

Alex is on a business trip to Washington DC and New York. It’s a very important trip for him, because he’ll be presenting some stuff at his old work. I’m glad for him, but I miss him. Here are a few reasons why:

1) He stops me from reading my Kindle Fire when my eyes start to look like pieces of burning coal in my skull.

2) He stops me from buying really long (but really good) books on my Kindle instead of going to the library.

3) When he’s gone, I get cold and turn the heat up way too high and then broil myself in the middle of the night.

4) I never cook only for one person, because it feels dumb, so I end up eating crackers and cheese and college-food and then feeling ill all night.

5) I had minor surgery today (don’t worry, it was just a mole removal) and there is no one to feel sorry for me or make me a cup of tea.

6) I saw a really cool train on our line and there was no one to tell about it.

7) I have to get up first in the morning EVERY SINGLE DAY, but when he’s here I can get up second and sleep for 10 more minutes.

8) When Alex is here, Booker sleeps on HIS feet. But when Alex is gone, Booker sleeps on MY feet. And that is one heavy cat.





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  1. Just two things:
    1.) Awwwwwwww
    2.) There is nothing wrong with cheese and crackers for dinner, and if there is, I don’t want to be right 🙂

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