Plans for 2012

Alex and I had a really great break over the holidays … both our offices close for the week between Christmas and New Years, so we had a nice little holiday AFTER our holiday to Japan. And I think that might be my new favorite way to do it … because when you take a big trip, don’t you always get back and think, I need a vacation after that vacation!?  Well, this way, we actually had that.  We spent the week watching movies, taking naps, reading books (or Kindles, as the case may be!), and going for a few lovely walks.

We’ve also made a few plans for our travel in 2012. We’re going to do a rather strange trip to Germany in March, kind of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tour of the Rhine-Ruhr Valley. Dortmund/Koln/Wuppertal/Bonn/Dusseldorf(?) … mainly because I want to go back to Dortmund and Koln (I was an exchange student in Dortmund 15 years ago), and Alex wants to see a 100-year-old hanging monorail in Wuppertal. A bit bizarre, I know … but that’s us! My mother is coming for another visit in April, which we’re very excited about. Right now I’m thinking of taking her up to York for a long weekend, but the Channel Islands are also a possibility. Alex has a work thing in Oslo sometime late Spring, so we might try to sneak in a trip to Norway.  And there’s the ever-present wish to see Iceland … and Finland … and Estonia … and Prague .. and Venice … and Budapest … and Rome … and and and!  I think everytime we cross a city off our wish list, we end up adding three more!




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