The Golden Leaves of Gion

Just a few of my favorite pictures from the park near the Gion District in Kyoto. The fall colors were amazing, even in early December. I can’t imaging how stunning it would have been if we had traveled one month earlier (but of course, then the crowds would have been worse also!)

This is a very famous shidare-zakura (weeping cherry) tree … I think the name is particularly appropriate now, when there are no leaves. It almost made me weep!

I couldn’t get enough of the gold leaves. I haven’t seen gold like this since my last autumn in Colorado! On the East Coast of the US it seems like there are more reds and burgundies, and in the UK everything is just a mushy brown.

This might be my favorite pic of the entire trip. Alex on the bridge, in the rain. He was annoyed with me because I made his stand there for about 5 minutes!


Not all of those splashes in the water are from raindrops … some are from fishies, I think.




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