Happy Holidays!

Astrid and I are settled in for a long winter’s nap, and I’ve got visions of Victoria Sponge Cake dancing in my head.  With everything closed and no transport services, we dutifully went grocery shopping Friday night (beating the Christmas Eve crowds on Saturday) and are all set.

Our very thoughtful friends Sarah and Drew sent us this blow-up turkey for Thanksgiving, and we thought we would bring it out to grace the Christmas table as well!

I still find it hard to believe that there is no transport on Christmas!  The last train from Central London passed at 21:24 last night, with the next train not for 56 hours (5:21 Tuesday morning).  Although the Underground is only closed today, the drivers are striking tomorrow on Boxing Day (as they did last year) over demands for triple pay plus a day off in lieu for working on the holiday (they’ve also called three more days of strikes over the next two months).

At the top, South West Trains image should say non-train services. Below, a (hopefully) rare view of the London Underground live status screen.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference here, though, is the absence of buses; all day every day we have 30-40 buses per hour passing our windows, with 4 per hour all though the night – so the lack of visible presence and noise is quite big!  The car traffic is pretty quiet too, and with no public transport and nothing open even the pedestrian crossing just outside the window is beeping less (since it is by request only).

So, we are curling up with books and blogs and kitties to celebrate a week off, and send our best wishes for a great festive season and a Happy New Year out to you all!


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