Funny Signs in Japan

Okay, it’s time for the requisite “funny signs” post. It seems like every traveler to Asia finds a few funny translated signs, and I’m no exception. I would like to state, for the record, that I thought the English in Japan was excellent. By and large the signs were grammatically correct, and if they weren’t, you could still decipher the intent. The people were so friendly and helpful, language never seemed to be a barrier. Nevertheless, let it not be said that I don’t enjoy a good “lost in translation” moment, so here’s a few of the funnies.

I don't know what a mad pancake looks like, but if I was drenched in that yellow stuff I would be pretty pissed off too!


This was probably the most interesting sign to try and translate. I think it means "don't feed the pigeons or they'll shit on your laundry"


I want a happi-coat.


Guts for Japan! Enough said.


"Do not enter by the bicycle". That sounds like something Yoda would say!


Hungry? And oddly specific.


Sometimes I struggle to spell that word also.


Not funny per se, but blatantly stolen from the famous FedEx logo. (See the negative space? That's a custom designed font)


This reads more like poetry to me than some sort of security/safety warning. In fact, I think all public service announcements should be done in haiku.



So true. And so confusing.



This is the door to an eyelash salon. Yes, that's right. An entire salon dedicated to shaping your eye lashes. These are examples of all the different kinds of curls you can get!


I stared at this advertisement for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with that poor woman. And then I realized that a monster ate the middle bits of her pinky fingers!! Worst. Photoshop. Ever. (Unless of course the woman is unfortunate to have some sort of disfigurement on both hands, in which case I'm an ass for making fun of her.)


This one is just for fans of The Wire. Note the tag line at the bottom.


Ah yes, the piece de resistance. Note the sign, that even without English, very clearly relates the message "don't lean over the fence to take pictures" ....


... and then note my very handsome husband, leaning over the fence to take pictures. The juxtaposition just kills me.


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