Breakfast in Tokyo, Lunch over the Arctic, Dinner in London

We have made it home, after a total journey time of around 20.5 hours from saying sayonara to our hotel in Tokyo to greeting two very happy-to-see-us-but-scared-that-we-abandoned-them kitties.  Astrid had the nice surprise of a (free) upgrade on British Airways from Premium Economy to Business, and my 35-minute short connection in Helsinki was pretty painless.

The view out of my window over Siberia on the 'great circle' route from Japan to Finland.

To manage the jet lag, we took different tactics; Astrid stayed awake on the plane but then went to sleep pretty early local time back here in London, while I got a couple of hours of sleep on the plane and am hoping for a relatively normal night.

In the days ahead we hope to have some posts and photos from Japan.  Overall, we had a really great trip to an amazing place.  Now the only question that remains is how will we drag ourselves back to work tomorrow…


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  1. Welcome Home !!! You can be sure I’m eagerly awaiting every post with as much info as you can muster.

  2. YeAh! Always glad to hear that u r on terra firma Sounds like a fabulous trip!!! I m so happy that u & Astrid r taking time to enjoy & hopefully relax a bit. I look forward to hearing more about it and viewing the outstanding photos that u both capture. Did u stay in same hotel that u used last visit?

    Miss u. Hope to talk soon.
    Mommy yam Valerie

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