First Impressions of Tokyo

1.  There is a lot more English than I expected.
2.  People are REALLY friendly, in a really nice way that makes me feel guilty for thinking snarky things so often.
3.  There really are vending machines everywhere.
4.  The escalators are really really slow.
5.  The snacks and candies here are crazy.
6.  I’m in love with the Japanese toilets.  They totally rock.  More buttons than a rocket ship, and they do practically everything for you, (well, except for the obvious).


This is a picture of the inner atrium of our hotel. It reminds me of a Borg cube, for some reason.  Alex doesn’t know what I’m talking about when I saw that, but I’m sure at least a few of you dorky readers will understand.



Oh, and I suppose  I should mention my number one impression … which leads me to think that Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the history of the entire world:

They have figured out a way of making the handrail on the escalator move at the same speed as the steps on the escalator.

Seriously. No one else can do this. It’s always either too fast or too slow, or it jerks along at a pace completely out-of-sync. But here, every escalator I’ve been on has been a peaceful experience, with my hand moving at the same speed as my feet. It’s really a marvelous experience when you encounter it for the first time.


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