A Pictorial Tour of Carlisle (trains and churches only)

Okay, I was going to write a nice long post about Carlisle, but then I realized that the pics probably say it better. Here you go.

The Carlisle Rail Station. In many other countries it could be the royal palace.


The teeny tiny coffee truck selling coffee on the platform at the train station. And yes, that is a regular-sized person standing at the rear - not a giant.


There is a unique bridge across from one platform to the other at the train station. This shot reminds me of something indie and artistic, which is totally not me.


Look! I'm Brobdingnagian!


One half of the city gates - very imposing - but oddly enough looking South toward England, instead of North toward the "barbarians" (as quoted from an informational panel seen in Carlisle)


Okay, so we've covered the train station and the castle-looking buildings, now it's off to the cathedral. (What, you think we do anything OTHER than trains and cathedrals? Have you ever read this blog before? Geez!) This is a really old archway in the grounds of the church.


Yes, I feel small and insignificant, but it still doesn't make me believe in God ...


...although from this angle .... wait, nope. Still not. Pretty building, though!


Ooh ... pointy spires. I think all buildings should have pointy spires. On a serious note, I found this a very interesting exterior, because I think it's the only cathedral we've ever visited that was built out of stone.


This, for me, was the highlight of our whole weekend. The ceiling at Carlistle Cathedral is absolutely amazing. This picture doesn't do it justice - it's the most amazing blue and gold and red. Someday I want to do the ceiling in my house exactly like this.


But look how off-center that organ is! Why is it crammed over there to the left? It looks like the architect was maybe hitting the whisky when he designed this one.

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  1. Zoe Topsfield

    Thanks Astrid, as a young girl I lived in Scotland and sometimes travelled the sleeper from London that would stop in Carlisle in the middle of the night. I have memories of peering out the window at the huge train station wondering what Carlisle was like. I have been living in Los Angeles for many years now and haven’t thought about Carlisle in a long time. I like cathedrals and trains too, so carry on

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