One year countdown begins!

Oops! This was supposed to be posted last week, but as usual in my life, I’m running about 7 days behind the rest of the world. So just pretend for me that it’s October 18, and you’re reading this blog. (You didn’t know this blog had time-travel capability did you?)

One year from today (remember, it’s Oct. 18) our UK visas will expire, which means that we either have to hightail it out of the country, or apply for a renewal.

I know that’s a nail-biter for many of you, so I’ll save you the suspense: we’ve already decided to apply for the renewal. We’ll be able to renew for an additional 2 years, and since we haven’t committed any serious crimes in the UK (that the authorities know of, in any case!) there is no reason to suspect that our renewal will be declined.

What the longer term plans are, I can’t tell you. Not because it’s super-top-secret-and-then-I’d-have-kill-you, but simply because I don’t know. Once we’ve been in the country for five years (which will be when our renewal expires), then we can apply for permanent leave to remain. Whether that is the same thing as citizenship, I don’t know. Many questions, and no time to play on the internet to find out the answers.

In other news … hmm… wait, I don’t have any. Except that I’m starting to do some research for Japan. We’re going to stay in this amazing onsen (hot springs resort), which I am super excited about, and I’ve found an amazing steak restaurant in Tokyo that I’m trying to convince Alex is worth looking into. They massage the cows!! How cool is that? We’re also going to try and spend at least one night in a capsule hotel, and I want to try out one of the love hotels, as long as it’s not too seedy (perhaps an impossibility, I know).

I feel like I have so much more to tell all of you, but it’s all kind of dumb stuff about how I discovered these new stuffed mushrooms at Waitrose, and how we got our washing machine fixed this morning, and how this guy on my commute this morning was wearing funny socks. But then I realize that none of that news is particularly interesting, and it’s just the stuff I’d normally talk to Alex about. I guess it’s a sign that I’m missing him that instead I want to post it all on the internet.

Perhaps I’ll think of something brilliant (and important) to post about on my way home. Or not.


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  1. Oh my gosh !! WHEN IS ALEX COMING HOME ? I mean seriously . . .

  2. Permanent leave to remain isn’t citizenship (no right to vote, no need to swear any oath of allegiance), but it would mean you can work here, and come and go, as if you were a citizen (as long as you weren’t convicted of the kind of crime that would get you deported).

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