Checking In

I just wanted to post a very quick update to say that I’m leaving today on a jet plane for Brazil (via Madrid).  The fall (sorry, have to say autumn here!) is already slipping away as we work like crazy.

I’ll be in Sao Paulo for a week of meetings and then a couple of days in Rio just to have a quick look around (while in the neighborhood) before coming home.  This time I’m giving three presentations, with a lot of work still ahead of me between now and the meeting to make the presentations ready.

This will be my first trip south of the border (true, but what I really mean is the Southern Hemisphere) and I’m a bit nervous.  Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, but pretty unknown to me, so it should be quite interesting.  I’ll have to keep my wits about me safety/security-wise, but I’m sure things will go well.

Now, please enjoy a particular sign of the season in the picture below.  As darkness creeps quickly in and the temperature drops, signs of winter are around the corner.  All the best to everyone out there and hope to be in touch with you sometime soon when the pace of work and life slows a bit here!

The lights have gone up outside the Natural History Museum near my office - see the London Underground roundel marking the entrance to the station passageway in the foreground and the cool red lights illuminating the 1881 masterpiece building in the background. There is a sunken lawn area between the Undeground roundel and the building where they are now setting up the annual ice skating rink.


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  1. Estelle DeRidder

    Wow !!

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