Is it really Friday already?

Part of the problem with working every single weekend for the past two months is that I’ve totally lost track of what day it is.  I’m always in the office, so it doesn’t matter!  The only difference is that I get more work done when there are less people (which supports my whole theory that Europe has the wrong dog on this open-office philosophy).  BUT, I just realized that today is Friday, and it’s also the 14th of October. Which means several things:

1) It’s been way too long since I last posted on this blog.

2) Halloween is coming up in 2 weeks and I need to carve a pumpkin for work,

3) Alex’s birthday is creeping up, and I have no idea what to get for him.

4) Holy shit we have to plan our trip to Japan!

Luckily this weekend looks like we might have a breather, of at least a few hours. We have a lunch engagement on Sunday, but then Sunday afternoon looks relatively free, so it’s time for some essential tasks. Like laundry, because I’m almost at the point of having to choose between my swimsuit and my prom dress as the only clean clothes left.  Also to do, decide if we’re moving or not. Our lease is up at the end of January, and it’s tempting to see what else is out there. It would be really nice to have 2 bedrooms for when guests come to stay, but I’m not holding thumbs for that. I’d settle for a place that had a little less street noise, and maybe more regular trash pick-up.

In other news … hmm… not much, I’m afraid.  I’ve just about given up the idea of posting the last of our Stockholm pictures. The trip was 2 months ago now, and it seems a bit silly to be talking about it now!  I might as well wait and do it as a “a year ago” retrospective feature!


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  1. Doesn’t feel much like Friday here, either! My day started with oversleeping, pouring rain, and a fire one the tracks at Union Station–I think that means I should have just stayed in bed….

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