104 Fortnights Ago…

…in a land far, far away (more for us than for most of you these days!):

On the temporary floating dock of Rose Island, we made our vows.

That incredible day in Newport always brings a smile to my face!  This week we’ve been remembering what we were doing four years ago – getting the marriage license, the last-minute preparations, helping some of our guests settle into their temporary accommodations (the farmhouse, the cottage), and the Friday night picnic (followed by the crazy fog!).  Although I am heading to Rhode Island next week for work, I won’t have time to go to Newport (and wouldn’t want to without my bride!).

One of my favorites - we managed to capture this cool shot on the walk from the dock to the restaurant.

Perhaps my favorite - I hope to make her this happy in the coming year and every thereafter. Happy Anniversary to us!


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  1. Awww…… I have the sweetest husband ever!! Thank you!!

  2. Yup – – a Fairytale weekend . . . thanks for the memories

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