Updates Schmupdates

So you probably think that we got lost somewhere in Copenhagen, because that’s what we were blogging about before we briefly disappeared. But I promise all is well!  I’ve been a bit buried at work, and Alex had a friend visiting.  (They were off on a brocation in Ireland for a few days last week and the weekend – I didn’t ask what kind of trouble they got into.)

I know we have a ton of stuff to post about Stockholm, which will be coming shortly. It’s funny – for saying that we weren’t too impressed with Copenhagen, we sure had a lot of stuff to post about.  Alex has some exciting pics about the Stockholm metro, so don’t forget about us!

In other news, Alex is going to be in Providence, RI for a lightning-quick trip at the end of the September. It’s the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trip to the US that’s perfect for stocking up on our favorite vices, which this time around is going to include some Halloween candy (because even though it’s still 6 weeks ago, I just know that Target is already well-stocked!)

We’re starting to plan our trip to Japan, so if anyone has any suggestions – we’d love some off-the-beaten-path tips!


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