Ny Havn: the prettiest bit of Copenhagen

We’ve long wanted to visit Copenhagen, mostly because whenever anyone mentions the city, they get a misty look in their eye and go on and on about how wonderful the city is. While I would disagree with some of that, the one section of Copenhagen that is worth all the acclaim is Ny Havn, which roughly translates as New Harbor. It’s a 17th century waterfront area that has been delightfully preserved/restored, and it’s certainly brimming with charm.

The thing that stands out the most about the street are the brightly colored buildings – we saw greens, pinks, yellows, blues,  a lovely deep orange, and even a bright red. The colors aren’t the sickeningly-sweet cotton-candy pastels either, they are rich and vibrant, and with a bright white trim look quite neat.

The harbor is a historic area, with a lot of old wooden ships floating along the dock. Back in the day it was a pretty happening place, with fishing boats unloading their catch (and prostitutes looking for theirs). Nowadays the wharf rings out with the sounds of seagulls and tourists. The northern side of the harbour is lined with restaurants, cafes and cars, and it is THE place in Copenhagen to pitch up for a night with friends. The prices are exorbitant (although less so than in other parts of Scandinavia) … so we just walked past and enjoyed the ambiance.

The Ny Havn area was the highlight of our time in central Copenhagen. The picture below was perhaps Alex’s favorite sign of all – the ice cream shop!




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  1. Hi Astrid!

    We haven’t been to Copenhagen, either, so your comments are valuable here. Hope all is well.

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