A stop at Land’s End

No visit to Cornwall is complete with a stop at Land’s End … the official place where the land ends. Yep, the name is about as descriptive as you can get. The only thing that would be more accurate would be if it were called “Land’s End and Tacky Merchandising”.  Because honestly, do we really need multiple gift shops, restaurants, a museum, and a 3-D special effects ride here?  The light house, postal box, and the signpost were cute enough all alone!

Here are our obligatory Land’s End photos. Now we have to schedule a trip up to John O’Groats in Scotland to make our “epic journey” from end to end.

If you want a photograph at this sign during business hours, you have to pay a profesional photographer. Luckily we visited after his shop was closed, so we were able to sneak this one in for free!

Alex looks uncomfortable so close to the edge!

A bit of an understatement.

Yes, my mom wore a cowboy hat all around Cornwall. But she did purchase it from a beach-side store there, so I suppose it's authentic!

This is the first and last postbox in England. Unfortunately it is not in use anymore. I suspect it's too small for all the mail that is posted from here! Note the GR - King George! (But we don't know which one - could it have been the first?)

The "real" first and last postbox - at least this one is in service! At least this GR has a number attached!


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  1. The black-painted postbox would be from the time of George V (1910-1936), who was the first King George after postboxes were invented – so you were sort of right!

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