Update from London

No, the country is not burning. No, it is not a lawless catastrophe. It’s (relatively) isolated, and it’s a bunch of stupid thugs and hooligans who want to shash and grab and wreak a little havoc.  Yes, it is devastating for the shop owners and residents who have been affected, but it is far from being “the nation’s worst tragedy since the Blitz” (quoting from today’s Evening Standard).

Thank you to all our friends and family who have emailed, texted, or called to see if we are okay.  Yes, we’re fine!  There are some hotspots around us (in Colliers Wood and Clapham Junction), but so far Earlsfield seems quite quiet. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I was sent home from work early by the police, and Alex just walked in the door as well. The shops on Garratt Lane are all closed up, most with their security gates down, and luckily for us there aren’t any high-end shops in the area that would attract looters. I saw an awful lots of police officers on the way home, and now I see a lot of police vehicles and fire trucks patrolling the streets, so I’m going to be positive and hope that the worst is over.  We’ll keep you posted, of course, but for now, all is well.


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