London Update

While we’ve got a lot of posts to work on about recent (and, in my case, some not-so-recent!) travels, I just wanted to post a quick update about things here in London.  You may have seen news about riots and looting that have occurred, but we are fine!

I haven’t followed all the details, but apparently the police shot and killed a man on Thursday, leading to what started as non-violent protests at a police station and turned into quite violent (but, luckily, not deadly) rioting and looting.  All of this occurred in Tottenham, on the far opposite side of London (we are SW, this was NE).  Unfortunately, there has been some additional copycat activities a bit closer to home in Brixton, on the south side of the Thames in a known rough area that is still miles from us – but everything here at home and in Central London itself is normal.  You have to recall that Greater London is huge – nearly 8 million people in an area twice as large as NYC’s five boroughs – so many things can go on simultaneously!

It seems that we continue to see, as is occuring all over the world, the significant and rather unintended consequences of social media and instant communications – perhaps like the riots in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup, it seems that the people carrying out rioting and looting here are not even associated with the original cause, and just taking the opportunity to make trouble.

Oh, and contrary to popular opinion, the rioting this weekend was not due to grief over Astrid’s mom returning to the US…although we did have a great visit with her and were sad to send her off at Heathrow yesterday morning!  While we continue with the unfortunate necessity of going to work everyday and paying the bills, we are looking forward to our long weekend in Copenhagen and Stockholm in mid-August, my friend Matt visiting in early September, and ultimtely the newly-announced trip to Japan in early December.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and staying out of trouble, wherever you are!


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